Bara sama...

Merkilega skynsamlegir hlutir koma frį žessum banjó-spilara.

Hinn uggvęnlegi leigumoršingi Eli Kopter

"Hamas Telegram has picked up a joke that Raisi's pilot was a Mossad agent called Eli Copter and is pushing it as fact. These are the same geniuses that the mainstream media has been getting casualty numbers from for 7 months and publishing them without verification"

Geta menn talaš og gengiš samtķmis?

Eitthvaš segir mér aš forseti ķran hafi ekki veriš allt of vinsęll

"Iranian women are celebrating the death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and dancing on his “dirty grave.”

The “Butcher of Tehran” oversaw a brutal crackdown on the protests in 2022 that rose against the Islamic “morality police.”"

Jį... žeir velja annan, og hann veršur eins, eša nógu svipašur.

Stušningur viš hryšjuverkasamtök hamlar śtskrift

"Harvard has reportedly blocked 12 seniors from graduating and dozens more students received notices to appear in front of the Harvard College Administrative Board in connection with the Gaza camp that lasted nearly three weeks in Harvard Yard. "

Žessu tengt:

Žeir fela andlit sķn žvķ žeir vita aš žeir eru aš gera vonda hluti.

Venezuela hefur ekki nęga orku aflögu

"According to a local news outlet, Venezuela’s Ministry of Electric Power has unveiled plans to disconnect cryptocurrency mining farms from the national grid. The move aims to regulate excessive energy consumption and guarantee a stable power supply for the population."

Aušvitaš ekki.

Tilgangurinn meš kommśnisma er stanslaus skortur į öllu.

Uhm... ha?

Mętiš į NASCAR, fįiš UFC ķ kaupbęti

"NASCAR drivers Kyle Busch and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. got into a fight outside the garage area following the 200-lap race.

The physical interaction started when Stenhouse approached Busch after the race and threw a punch at Busch.

A brawl quickly ensued, and Busch’s and Stenhouses’s crews needed to be separated by security."


Addi rokk vs Ted Nugent













*Addi hefur aldrei sagt hvaš žaš var nękvęmlega sem Ted Nugent sagši sem fór svo fyrir brjóstiš į honum.

**Sama gildir um Trump.

***Andśš Adda į Ķsraelslżš er skopleg og undarleg, en ku žykja normal ķ krešsum fjölmišlamanna.

Hvaš er snišugt ķ śtlendu mišlum?

Innrįs USA ķ Gasa heldur įfram

"After the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden is putting troops in harm's way with a half baked plan to construct a pier in Gaza.

As the fighting raged, the US military said trucks started moving aid ashore from a temporary pier, the first to reach the besieged enclave by sea in weeks.

The situation is heating up even as famine is said to be present in this northern area. "To stave off the horrors of famine, we must use the fastest and most obvious route to reach the people of Gaza – and for that, we need access by land now," deputy UN spokesperson Farhan Haq announced in a statement..."


Tölvuleikjasenan er villt.

Į mešan, ķ Frakklandi

"The French postal service is offering a scratch-and-sniff stamp that highlights the beautiful aroma of the country’s beloved baguette.

The stamp, which costs 1.96 euro, was unveiled on Thursday, and its “bakery scent” comes from microcapsules in the ink, France 24 reported on Friday."

Žetta hljómar eins og eitthvaš sem mönnum dettur ķ hug į nęturvakt nśmer 2.

Zombķu-heimsendirinn hófst öšruvķsi en viš bjuggumst viš.

Velgengni ķ Rśsslandi

"The Russian economy, which is already subjected to a wide array of international economic sanctions due to the Ukraine conflict, initially contracted by 1.2% in 2022, but last year posted growth of 3.6%, according to official statistics. The first quarter of 2024 saw the country’s GDP further increase by 5.4% year-on-year, according to preliminary estimates issued on Friday. The International Monetary Fund said last month it expects the Russian economy to expand 3.2% this year, a projection which puts the country ahead of a number of major Western economies, including the US (2.7%), UK (0.5%), France (0.7%), and Germany (0.2%)."

Žetta strķš viš žį er ekki alveg aš virka.

Reddt = 4chan meš fįvitum.

Innbrotsžjófur skorinn ķ bita

"A low-life career criminal paid the ultimate price after breaking into a Florida man’s home and shooting his wife.

Highlands County Sheriff Paul Blackman told reporters Glenn gained entry into the couple’s home under a scam that involved the woman’s job as a notary.

After the male victim witnessed Glenn try to kill his wife, Blackman said the man grabbed a seven-inch garden knife and went to work on the intruder.

Blackman revealed the thug was “cut to pieces” and “very much deceased” when deputies found him. The sheriff thanked the male victim for his heroic actions."

Menn komast ekki upp meš hvaš sem er ķ Flórķda.

Į mešan, ķ Žżzkalandi

Fólk er aš deyja skyndilega:

"The most recent death was 25-year-old Adnan Deumic, who worked in the United Kingdom for Bank of America. Fox Business reported he died from “cardiac arrest” while playing soccer Thursday night, merely two weeks after a 35-year-old investment banker for the company passed away unexpectedly, reportedly due to a blood clot."

Og žessi: "Alice Stewart, a former GOP advisor, Trump critic who did not believe in election fraud, and a CNN political commentator, has died unexpectedly at the age of 58."

Bara žaš sem er į forsķšunni ķ dag.

Ekkert mį:

Hvernig fóru žeir aftur meš Sókrates?

Hvernig skal foršast stór skip

Naušsynleg bók hverjum sjofarenda, sżnist mér.

"Can it be stopped before it hits you? Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones by reading this book written for the private boat owner/captain."

Aušvitaš skal öllum vera ljóst aš ekki veršur komist hjį žvķ aš nota tęknileg sjóara orš eins og "vatn" og "bįtur," annars ęttu flestir aš geta stautaš sig fram śr žessu.


Śti į ballarhafi geta svona stór skip algerlega komiš manni aš óvörum śr einhverju skśmaskotinu.  Eins og reynzlan kennir.

Naut stangar vitleysing į ströndinni

"She made at least three very stupid mistakes. She fed the bull. She kept trying to retrieve her belongings from the bull who was interested in them and sniffing them. Finally, she did not run and seek a protective position away from the animal."


Fólk er hvorki gįfaš né gott.

Pśtķn segir hvaš hann hefur ķ hyggju

"Speaking to reporters at the Harbin Institute of Technology during his two-day visit to China, Putin commented on Russia’s operations in Kharkov Region, asserting that Moscow is achieving success on the battlefield by acting “strictly according to plan.”

When asked about Russia’s goals there, Putin noted that Ukraine is to blame for recent fighting in the area, as it “unfortunately continues to shell residential blocks in the border areas, including Belgorod.”

“Civilians are dying out there. Everything is crystal clear. They are firing directly at the center of the city,” the president said, recalling that he had publicly warned Kiev that Russia would be forced to establish a “cordon sanitaire” in the areas under Kiev’s control if the attacks continued."

Žar höfum viš žaš.

Žaš er veriš aš reyna aš peppa fólk ķ ašra kóvitleysu.

Kommśnistar skjóta leiserum į blašamann

"A local Seattle news journalist was assaulted and harassed by armed Antifa militants and leftist agitators on Wednesday at the University of Washington’s unsanctioned Gaza encampment

They surrounded Fox 13 News photojournalist Mike Harvey with umbrellas to block him from filming the encampment, and shined high-powered green lasers in his eyes, which can cause permanent blindness."


Musk meš allskonar hugmyndir

"According to Musk, an uncrewed mission to Mars could be achieved in less than five years, while landing humans on the planet might take less than a decade. He further projected that a city could potentially be established on Mars within 20 years, and with certainty, within 30 years, securing the future of human civilization beyond Earth."

Gaman aš rśnta žar.

eša žetta:

Framtķšin.  Gott aš hafa langtķmaplön.  Menn verša jś sķfellt eldri.

Al Gore segir aš heimsskautin hafi brįšnaš aš fullu įriš 2014

Al Gore segir lķka aš hafiš sé aš sjóša.

Žetta er sķšan 2009... bara aš segja

"New computer modeling suggests the Arctic Ocean may be nearly ice-free in the summertime as early as 2014, Al Gore said Monday at the UN climate conference.

"The time for collective and immediate action on climate change is now," said Denmark's foreign minister, Per Stig Moeller."

Kolefnistrśarmenn eru stašfastir ķ sinni villutrś.

Alvöru vķsindi:

Hvaš segiši, hvaš fenguši margar?

Žeir ķ Perś segja žaš eins og žaš er

"Conditions now recognized as mental health disorders include transsexualism, dual role transvestism, gender identity disorder in childhood, other gender identity disorders, fetish transvestism, and egodystonic sexual orientation.""

Žegar menn lęra aš mistökum annarra...

Ofbeldismašur fęr žaš sem hann į skiliš

"Would-be attacker stabbed multiple times after wild caught-on-camera ambush of NYC couple walking their dog.

Footage released by the New York Police Department (NYPD) shows the man sneaking up behind the couple as they strolled the streets with their pup. The suspect then throws his coat aside and pounces on the man in the scooter.

But things quickly go haywire for the assailant. The would-be victim immediately tosses the thug to the ground and starts raining blows at him."


Ķranir žykjast eiga atómbombu

"The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) offered to share the nation’s nuclear “expertise” with any country seeking to develop a nuclear program on Wednesday, the latest in a string of provocative comments by Iranian officials, including one claiming Tehran already has a nuclear bomb."

Žį er augljóslega rétti tķminn til aš starta einhverju žar.

Į hverjum degi, alltaf eins: Žetta fellur, hitt fellur... allt fellur.

Mašur nįšašur fyrir aš skjóta terrorista

"Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a full pardon and restoration of rights for Daniel Perry, the former Army sergeant who was found guilty of murder for the fatal shooting of Garrett Foster during a 2020 Black Lives Matter protest while Perry was an Uber driver."

Meiri góšar fréttir.


Tölvugeršar bókmenntir og lesbķu rómans

Besta bók sem skrifuš hefur veriš. (Byrjar ~12.00)

Um bókmenntir į TikTok.

Bókmenntir sem žessi fann gegnum Tik Tok.

Žessi tilkynnir okkur žaš aš persónurnar ķ lesbķu-rómans eru ekki nógu ljótar, og alls ekkert gey.

Sem hljómar eins og fyndiš concept.

Žetta er Live Action śtgįfan af Maria Sama ga Miteru.  Hvorki gey né eró.


Manndrįp sem leiddi til dauša

Žeir į fréttastofu RŚV vita ekki hvaš orš žżša.

... ha?

Žessu tengt: Kolefnistręuarmapur vill myrša stóran hluta mannkyns til aš breyta vešrinu

"One government climate scientist made the mistake of blurting out the real end-game of so many radical environmental activists in a bid to preserve the planet: Killing off the human population.

“If I am brutally honest, the only realistic way I see emissions falling as fast as they need to, to avoid catastrophic #climate breakdown, is the culling of the human population by a pandemic with a very high fatality rate,” he wrote."

Kolefnistrś er bókstaflega dauša-költ.

Kķnverjinn veit.

Hinn heimsfręgi apa-rišill Tedros stefnir į heimsyfirrįš

"The United Kingdom’s health officials issued statements during negotiations last week suggesting London would not sign to the draft as it currently exists, as it is a threat to the country’s sovereignty. Conservative leader Nigel Farage launched a campaign this week to oppose the adoption of the W.H.O. pandemic accord, warning that the draft could result in an international push “for mandatory lockdowns and vaccinations.”"

Getur Tedros og hans hyski ekki bara fariš ķ nęsta dżragarš og lokaš sig inni meš górillunum?


Google kęrt vegna vafasamra višskifthįtta

"Rumble argued in their suit that during their time as a client, Google had prevented them from earning more than $1 billion in ad revenue and that the company had illegally hindered their ability to become a viable competitor in the advertising tech sector."

Žętti lķklega ešlilegt hér.


Fasisminn lifir

"A court in Germany has approved the intelligence monitoring of the Alternative for Germany (AFD) political party on the grounds that it poses a “threat to democracy.”

As the party’s popularity continues to rise as Germans rise up against the globalist regime that rules them, particulary over the issue of mass immigration, the government has now found an excuse to monitor them by classifying them as an extremist organization."

AfD eru ašeins of augljóslega góšu kallarnir, og rķkiš vondu kallarnir.  Algerlega svart/hvķtt, eins og ķ einhverri teiknimyndasögu.


Svo margir žrį kjarnorkustyrrjöld

Žessi gaur er jafn bjagašur og lišiš sem heldur aš Rśssar muni nśka Keflavķk

"Warmonger in chief Lindsey Graham suggested Sunday that Israel, with the help of the US, should use nuclear weapons on Iran and Hamas fighters in Palestinian territories."

Žaš er eins og menn haldi aš žaš séu bara einhvr pólitķsk tómarśm um allt žar sem menn gata bara valsaš um og gert hvaš sem žeim dettur ķ hug.

Svo er ekki.

Žessi hugmynd er til komin vegna vanskilnings į öllu undir sólinni.

Tala lįtinna lękkar

"In a graphic featured within OCHA’s recent daily briefing on May 6th, it was claimed that approximately 9,500 women had lost their lives in the ongoing conflict. The organization also cited data sourced from the Hamas-administered Ministry of Health in Gaza asserting that since hostilities began last October, roughly 14,500 children had been killed.

Yet just two days later, the U.N. agency appeared to revise these figures significantly downward in its subsequent report. The updated data indicated that approximately 4,959 women and 7,797 children had lost their lives."

Var semi aš vonast eftir zombķum...

Ekkert aš marka sameinušu žjóširnar.

Allskyns óžokkar reyna aš myrša fólk ķ kirkju, en hvorki gengur né rekur

"Churchgoers thwarted a teenager armed with a rifle from entering a Louisiana church full of children Saturday in a service that was being livestreamed, authorities said.

He was trying to enter the back door and parishioners barred the entrance, apprehended the boy, and called the police."

Minnir į žetta atvik: "A horrifying livestream of the ordeal showed Germany ducking for cover as the perp brandished the weapon in front of churchgoers, including the pastor’s own 14-year-old daughter.

“He pulled the gun; it clicked,” the pastor told WPXI. “You heard him shoot it.”

“God jammed the gun so the bullet didn’t come out.”"

og žetta: "Bishop Mari Emmanuel was preaching a live-streamed sermon at Christ The Good Shepherd Church in the city’s west when a man dressed in black approached the altar and allegedly stabbed the Christian Orthodox priest multiple times."


Ķ stuši meš Guši.

Hįskóli Noršur karólķnu tekur ekki lengur žįtt ķ neinni śrkynjun

"UNC's board of trustees has voted unanimously to abolish the university's DEI department and transfer all funds to the campus police. It's not 2020 anymore. "Defund DEI, refund the police" is the winning slogan of the day."

Loksins loksins.

GameStop aftur

"Trading on GameStop was halted 5 times Monday morning before 10:30 AM EST because the stock was up over 100%."


Į tķmum śrkynjunar

Allir hafa heyrt um kaffilausa kffiš og mjólkurlausu mjólkina, nś; hnķflausi hnķfurinn

"Swiss Army Knife manufacturer Victorinox announced that they are in the process of developing knifeless Swiss Army Knives.

'We are concerned about the increasing regulation of knives in the world due to violence. In England or certain Asian countries, you are sometimes only allowed to carry a knife if you need to have it to do your job or operate outdoors."

Hvernig eiga žeir aš skera hluti hnķflausir?  Naga bara meš tönnunum?  En hey, menn mega ekki einu sinni hafa ķ fórum sķnum banana lengur.

Menn vilja fara ašeins ķ fjįrmįl hryšjuverka-stušningshópa

"A group of 15 Republican senators, led by Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa, has sent a letter to IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel, demanding an investigation into whether several nonprofit organizations have violated their tax-exempt status by providing financial support to groups backing Hamas, which is a designated foreign terrorist organization, according to Just The News. 

The letter pointed out that at NSJP chapter-led demonstrations, such as those at Columbia University, protesters “were reportedly chanting “We are Hamas” and “Al-Qassam [in reference to the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’s military wing] you make us proud, kill another soldier now!”

“In light of this abhorrent support for an FTO, we call on you to initiate an investigation to determine whether financial supporters of NSJP, including but not limited to AJP, the WESPAC Foundation, and the Tides Foundation, have engaged in conduct warranting their tax-exempt status to be stripped,” the letter stated."

Bill Gates vill hindra beljur ķ aš leysa vind

"According to a report from Axios, Gates is the leader of an investment fund behind ArkeaBio, a Boston pharamceutical company that is seeking to develop a livestock vaccine that will help reduce global vaccine emissions.

The outlet reports:

ArkeaBio, a Boston developer of a vaccine to reduce livestock methane emissions, raised a $26.5 million in venture capital funding led by an investment fund founded by Bill Gates.

Why it matters: Caring about cow farts (or burps) has become a political punchline, but they’re estimated to create more than 5% of global greenhouse gasses. Vaccines could be a relatively low-cost, scalable solution, particularly as food demand increases."

Kolefnistrśarmenn reyna aš eyšileggja Magna Carta

"The general goal of every Marxist movement is to undermine or sabotage any opposing culture using whatever means necessary so that it can be scrapped and replaced with a new progressive/collectivist system.

The real message is one of aggression, not attention.  Marxist activists are saying that western culture, not oil, is their enemy. And, if they don't get what they want they will continue to try to smash our greatest works of art and historic documents as a means to tear the west down piece by piece.  When protesters declare the Magna Carta fair game it's not a random decision; they know exactly what they are doing."

Žetta vandamįl hęttir ef žessu liši veršur stungiš inn til lengri tķma.  Guantanamo, sko.


Roger Corman fellur frį

"Corman died Thursday at his home in Santa Monica, California, according to a statement released Saturday by his wife and daughters."

Žaš var B ķ öllum hans kvikmyndum.

Žetta er vestręn menning.

Meš banana ķ annarri og Breska fįnann ķ hinni

Innrįs USA ķ Gaza heldur įfram

"As the American domestic scene is distracted by the sudden appearance of the Palestinian “protesters” (née Antifers, née violent Transgenders, née Trust Fund malcontents), the Gaza Pier building exercise has been out of the spotlight.  The real question should be, after at least 15 years of about a $1 Billion Dollars of year of funding donated directly to the UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) – why has a modern port not already been made in Gaza?  For some reason $1 Billion Dollars a year was not enough to at least have a simple seaport and pier."


Nś geta menn fylgst meš Milo į X

"Milo Yiannopoulos' infamous @Nero account has been unbanned from X after a wave of accounts were unlocked this past week.  

After Elon Musk bought Twitter and promised more freedom of expression on the large social media site now known as X, many other controversial figures have had their accounts unbanned."


Smį Eurovision žema ķ žessu.

Rśssar aš segja eitthvaš

"Ukrainian forces are actively using weapons supplied by Britain to carry out terrorist attacks against Russian regions, Foreign Ministry official Sergey Belyaev has said.

London remains one of the largest donors of weaponry to Kiev, providing £7.1 billion ($8.9 billion) in assistance since the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict in February 2022..."

Komum žessu fyrir einhversstašar ķ samhengi hlutanna, til skilnings seinna.

Bretland er skrķtinn stašur nśna

"Now the anti-Hamas activist has been arrested again, but not for carrying a sign, but rather for brandishing then eating a banana, and for carrying the flag of England, the country he was in at the time of the arrest."

Handtekinn fyrir aš veifa banana og breska fįnanum.

... žetta geršist.

Rśssar stešja fram

"Artillery, mortar, and aerial bombardments hit more than 30 different towns and villages, leaving at least three people dead and five others injured, said Kharkiv governor, Oleh Syniehubov.

Russian military bloggers said the assault could mark the start of a Russian attempt to carve out a “buffer zone” that President Vladimir Putin vowed to create earlier this year to halt frequent Ukrainian attacks on Belgorod and other Russian border regions."

Og nś, eitthvaš allt annaš: 

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