Framtķšin er nśna

Treystir žś Kķnverska flugbķlnum?

"XPeng AeroHT, an affiliate of the electric vehicle startup, plans to market a dual-mode eVTOL vehicle capable of both driving on roads and flying. The Civil Aviation Administration of China is currently reviewing the aircraft for commercial certification.

Nikkei reports that pre-orders in China are set to start in October, with mass production anticipated next year, targeting tourism companies and outdoor enthusiasts. Initially priced around 1 million yuan ($138,000), XPeng AeroHT aims to reduce costs in the future and is also planning to expand internationally."

Vęntanlegt ķ garšinn hjį žér fljótlega.

Life Hack

Óvinsęll og veit af žvķ

"“Social media platforms have a responsibility to make sure that misinformation isn’t got out there,” Albanese told reporters on Wednesday. “I noticed today, for example, on the way up here, they’ve removed various sites that were up containing fake images of myself superimposed on other people,” the PM stated."

Óvinsęldir hans vaxa viš hvert hans verk.

BBC žarf aš svara fyrir lygar

"In its original April 2 story, BBC Scotland reported that police declined to arrest Rowling for describing some transgender “women” as men. Apparently unhappy with the decision, the outlet erroneously claimed that the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021 “makes it a criminal offence to make derogatory comments based on disability, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity or being intersex.”

The original, uncorrected story can be read here.

This represents the third time the BBC has apologized for its coverage of Rowling and her views on transgenders, according to a Deadline report."

BBC og sannleikurinn eiga enga samleiš.

Barnageldarar herja į lękni fyrir aš benda į stašreyndir

"Pediatrician and consultant Dr. Hilary Cass conducted a comprehensive and lengthy review of international research into gender medicine for children for NHS England.

Dr. Cass concludes that a lack of research and evidence on transgender medical interventions, such as puberty blockers and body-altering surgeries, is failing children.

In an interview with The Times, Dr. Cass shared the disturbing backlash she is facing for simply sharing her well-researched report and discussed her concern about disinformation spreading in the aftermath.

She revealed that she has been sent vile abusive emails, has been given security advice, and has been told not to travel on public transport."

Barnaperrarnir eru allstašar eins.

Kommśnistar žekkjast į sķnu ljóta smetti

""Perhaps most crucially, our findings suggest that widespread biometric surveillance technologies are more threatening than previously thought," the study warned. "Previous research showed that naturalistic facial images convey information about political orientation and other intimate traits. But it was unclear whether the predictions were enabled by self-presentation, stable facial features, or both. Our results, suggesting that stable facial features convey a substantial amount of the signal, imply that individuals have less control over their privacy.""


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